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Kathleen Wedemeyer grew up in Houston, TX, loving to draw and create art with some interesting origins.

"I have memories of going through the trash and wondering, 'what can I do with this?'"

Kathleen says of her childhood. With a background in commercial art, she changed the course of her work and future when she learned to use power tools and took a welding class at a local high school. Her husband, Ron, built her a dream studio/workshop behind their historic stone home, allowing for seemingly endless new possibilities.

Old wood molding, antique ceiling tin, spindles, various metal components and architectural antiques are a few of the unique materials that Kathleen uses to create her inspirational artwork. One of Kathleen's favorite parts of the creative process is hunting for new materials to use, but nothing can compare to the joy she finds in the spiritual outreach opportunities her artwork has allowed for. She sells at several local shows and teaches classes such as Multi-Media Collage and Power Tools 101 to women in the area.

"My hope is that my work will glorify my Heavenly Father and express faith, joy and humor as it is displayed in people's homes."

Kathleen and Ron live in Katy, TX with their four dogs. When they aren't working side-by-side in the workshop, they love spending time with their two sons and their families, which includes one grandson.

Hope & Glory
What started as a creative outlet to help with the family income has grown into a business that I could never have even dreamed of. Moving from "crafts", to discovering a love for working with power tools, Hope and Glory has evolved into a passion and love. Materials such as antique ceiling tin, copper, iron, screen, spindles and other elements have become my art supplies and inspiration. Several years ago I took a welding class, which further expanded the scope of my work. (My favorite tools are my brad gun, drill, compound miter saw, pop rivets and E-6000 glue).
The items I create are inspired by faith, old materials and customer requests. I love using antique materials with many of my works being truly one-of-a-kind. Some of my most popular items are crosses, Architectural Angels, metals collages, and frames made from 100 year old molding. My hope is that my work will glorify my Heavenly Father and be an expression of faith as it is displayed in people's homes.

I work in my 2,000 sq. ft. workshop in Katy, Texas behind our historic stone house and welcome visitors by appointment.

Wholesale inquiries welcomed.
Kathleen Wedemeyer